No iPad? No problem. Make a multimedia etext with iAuthor and share it with your students for free on any computer.

I wanted to make a multimedia etext for students, but ran into a little trouble. One, our students don’t have iPads to read the new iBooks created from iAuthor, and two, they aren’t getting them anytime soon.

But no worries, I found a way to create rich multimedia etexts or learning modules that your students can download for free on a Mac or PC. They can even take notes on it, highlight passages, and search through the entire text for a word or phrase. Read the rest of this entry »


The Digital Classroom

What is “Positive Technology”?

Positive Technology is my spin on Positive Psychology. I used to teach a class in Positive Psychology and I loved the focus on using our minds to create engagement, flow and happiness in our lives. I see technology in the same way. It can be used to make us better people and improve our world.

As a technology coordinator, I am charged with the task of helping teachers to integrate technology into their curriculums. Teachers frequently ask, “What program/app/web 2.0 thing should I use?” and my answer is always, “What are you trying to teach, and what skill or character trait would you like your students to develop?”

  • Trying to teach math concepts? Khan Academy might help.
  • Trying to teach compassion? Go to and teach students how a class fundraiser of $120 can buy a pig that will change an impoverished child’s life.
  • Trying to teach critical thinking and problem solving? Let your students embark on ThinkQuest competition.

Positive Technology is all about putting human development and global improvement first, and using technology to support it.