No iPad? No problem. Make a multimedia etext with iAuthor and share it with your students for free on any computer.

I wanted to make a multimedia etext for students, but ran into a little trouble. One, our students don’t have iPads to read the new iBooks created from iAuthor, and two, they aren’t getting them anytime soon.

But no worries, I found a way to create rich multimedia etexts or learning modules that your students can download for free on a Mac or PC. They can even take notes on it, highlight passages, and search through the entire text for a word or phrase. Read the rest of this entry »


How to use Google Appointment Slots

Here’s a short video showing you how to use Google Appointment Slots.

How to Organize your Google Docs

I love Google docs as a collaboration tool and use them every day, but they can get unruly. If I don’t set aside a few minutes a day to organize them, my home page turns into a jumble as messy as my room. I created a short video to help you turn that chaos into clarity in a few quick steps. (Click on the image below, the next page will have a link to download. When you download it will play in your browser, you won’t actually have to download it.)

Translating the Internet

A few days ago Allie, my 13 year old daughter, and I had fun translating phrases into Haitian Creole on Google Translate and playing back the audio to practice our budding language skills. I can’t tell you how surprised I was to see that Haitian Creole (or Kreyol) is one of Google’s translated languages. Since my goal is to set up Presto! Classrooms in Haiti in the future, I was thrilled to discover this. Not only could we translate phrases, but we can also put the language of choice icon on our browser toolbar and by clicking on it, translate any web page we’re visiting into that language. Amazing. Read the rest of this entry »