5 Building Blocks for Online Education

These basic 5 building blocks should provide you with a strong foundation for designing your online classes. I outlined these building blocks for our online blended learning curriculum, and the teachers have appreciated having this structure to refer to as they create their online courses.

1.    Content – you need to provide your students with some content to learn.   *The goal is to use more than one content type per lesson to reach all types of learners.

  •  Etext
  • Video
  • Presentations
  • Podcasts
  • Games that teach the concept
  • Simulations
  • Interactive learning modules
  • Google Earth, Sky, 3D
  • Online flashcards

2.    Social component—learning is socially constructed

  • Asynchonous (not in real time)
    • Discussion boards
    • Commenting on each other’s work
    • Gmail
    • Twitter
    • Collaboration
    • Small groups
    • Interview someone through email
  • Synchronous (in real time)
    • Gchat/video chat
    • Live classroom discussions
    • Collaboration with peers
    • Interview someone through skype or google video chat

3.    Do Something – the assignments –Try to make this as authentic and relevant as possible. Give students real problems or challenges.

  • Write, produce, create, think critically, solve problems

4.    Share It – Students should then share their Do Something with peers or with the online community (the Creative Commons) – to build knowledge. Students are no longer just information consumers. They are information curators and creators.

5.    Assess learning

  • Can assess their Do Somethings
  • Peer review Do Somethings
  • Quizzes/tests – formative and summative

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  3. Juliet Prader says:

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  4. “5 Building Blocks for Online Education Ed Techspiration”
    was a superb post, can not wait to read alot more of your blogs.
    Time to squander a bit of time on the web haha. I appreciate it -Leland

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